Electric furnace is too expensive

I knew I wanted a furnace in my house, I just didn’t know what one. A furnace uses ductwork stretched throughout the walls and ceiling of a home to create whole home temperature control. A furnace typically requires yearly heating service and occasional repairs. It is a standard heating system that most homes in my area rely on. There are gas, oil and electric based furnaces. I wasn’t entirely sure what one was best. For a while I was looking into an electric furnace. I liked that 100% of the energy I am paying for is being used to heat my home. With gas and oil, the fuel is burning and churning up in the process. You aren’t getting all of that in the output of heat. The set up to an electric based heater looked extremely simple and easy. I also liked that most HVAC companies had electric heaters readily available to install. I talked to a variety of HVAC dealers about adding an electric heater and I got similar price quotes. Finally one company was honest with me. The HVAC dealer was shocked I wanted an electric furnace. He informed me that using electricity to heat my home is extremely expensive. Electric heaters are really more for milder climates that don’t need heat a lot. An electric heater might be good for a hunting shack, but not a home in the upper north. He highly advised a more affordable gas option. After checking energy costs online I am so glad that this HVAC professional told me! It is significantly cheaper to do a gas heater.


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