I have wanted an air purifier for a long time

I had been looking into air purifiers for a long time.

I hated that I woke up every morning with a sneezing fit. I didn’t like how often I felt sick or sluggish. I really didn’t like that any time I made seafood the smell just lingered in my air quality. It made sense to purchase an air purification system. After researching I realized you either go big or totally waste your money. Portable air cleaners are more attractive, cheaper and require less maintenance, but they do nothing. They can barely clean the air quality of a single room. A homeowner is much better getting the air cleaner installed in the ductwork. That way it works in tandem with the HVAC equipment. As the heater or AC runs, it is blown through the air cleaner for fresh indoor air quality. The only downside is that the air purifier must be serviced like the HVAC equipment. It will get regular air filter changes and service by a HVAC contractor once a year. I was prepared for all of this. I picked out my perfect air purification plan. Then COVID hit. Suddenly all the HVAC dealers were shut down for a long time. When they opened back up everyone bought out the air cleaners since it was an airborne virus. I have been waiting for years to get my hands on the air purifier without any luck. With omicron making a comeback, more people grabbed air purifiers. My HVAC company can’t even seem to get one in stock for me. I wanted an air cleaner before COVID!



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