The house window tinting replacement wasn’t done well.

Last week, the people I was with and I had a storm that brought hurricane-force winds and torrential downpours, the result of the winds and the downpours had uprooted trees and broken tree limbs all over our property, then one limb had come down, and the people I was with and I heard it hit the sunroom, after the storm ended, the people I was with and I made the choice to go outside to survey how much damage had been done to the property and to that window.

The window tint had saved a window, but it had been destroyed.

The people I was with and I called the business the people I was with and I had bought the window film from and told them about the damage. They sent a representative out to look at the window film, and he said he could repair it! My partner was skeptical about the repair, although he told him to go ahead. Two hours later, the window film repair looked worse than the window film had looked after the damage had been done, and he once again said he could repair the window film, but our partner told him the people I was with and I wanted it replaced. After removing the seasoned window film, he had to chop a modern piece of window film for each window that was damaged, and hang it… I was sad because I thought it would be best to put the window film on the inside of the window, although he was putting it on the outside. By the time he completed his toil that morning, our house window tinting replacement looked horrible. After calling the business and complaining, they wanted to send 1 of their professionals out to replace the house window tinting. My partner told him not to bother unless the people I was with and I were getting the task done for free, and the installer was there the next morning.


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