Air Conditioning Service is Coming out Today

I am getting my HVAC system checked out today to make sure everything is working fine on it. I haven’t had it serviced since last summer and it is high time to get it done again. I think that the unit is running well but sometimes there are hidden things that need to be checked out before they fall apart from neglect. I made the mistake of going too long without getting my cooling system maintained and it broke down on me in the middle of the summer last year. I think the coils on the condenser were so covered in mildew and grime that they were no longer cooling the air down anymore. Now I am going to nip it in the bud before it has the chance to break down on me again and get it serviced and cleaned properly. I have a five year service contract with them but I need to contact them to set up an appointment so now I have it on my iPad to remind me when it is time for a service call. I have been pretty busy with my job at the local business and have forgotten about things like HVAC maintenance, among other things, but now I should be fine with the reminder on my iPad. I also need to buy some things for around the house today and am planning on going to the hardware store to see if they have what I need. I want to grab a HEPA filter also but I am not sure the hardware store is going to have my size.



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