I love to have a day off with nothing to do

I chose to not own a home or have a car.

I also don’t have kids and freedom has always been a pursuit.

I have a section time job at a corporation where I sell heating, ventilation plus AC equipment. This only takes a about 15 minutes every week. There are many things that I would miss out on having however I really have freedom luxury in my own schedule to do whatever I want. I decided to read a book that was about working less and playing more plus a year later that’s when I wanted to change my life. Of course it took multiple years to get things simplified but now I am happy that I finally did it. I enjoy toiling at the heating, ventilation plus AC Corporation H+ every month and it gets me to be around people. It also helps me to use my own brain in ways that I do not use my brain when I am at cabin with my cats and a bunch of quiet music. I regularly play drums plus sing which is actually a favorite of my things to do in the time that I have. I also play volleyball at a local park with some friends. We all enjoy spending a great deal of time on the sand. Tomorrow I will work on the inventory at the heating, ventilation plus AC supplier and then I’ll meet my friends for an afternoon of fun and relaxation at the park. It should be a lot of fun for everyone.

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