The cat fell asleep on the air cleaning machine

I know that cats enjoy the air purifier because they often sleep directly on top of the machine.

I believe that it relaxes the cats plus reminds them of a purring Cat when they sleep by it.

Sometimes the female animal bites plus needs the comforter because I think it’s still has the scent of mom on top of it. I keep the comforter on a space gas furnace and that is where the cat enjoys to sit in the kitchen. It is extremely cute to see her smelling the comforter plus then she starts biting and purring because of the smell of her mother. I honestly wish that they could be reunited with their parent one more time. I’m sure this reunion would be a bittersweet moment. My heating, ventilation plus AC representative is a single person who gave me a kitten multiple months ago plus she will set me up with a local Corporation appointment to get everything checked out. I know they are great plus I don’t see very many fleas on them and I want to ask many people at the corporation if they should have a bath or not. I see no fleas at all so it seems like they should be just fine. I could contact the heating, ventilation in addition to AC supplier later plus ask that same technologist if the person bathes those cats at all. I just want to make sure that the little kitten is healthy as well as well taking care of just the way the people I was with plus myself would have it done.

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