I Don't Want to Send the Teenagers Back to School Yet

It seems like the hot summer season has just flown by this year and I absolutely don’t want to send our teenagers back to school yet.

We all haven’t been able to do half of the things that we really wanted to do this summer season yet and now it’s almost time to go back to school.

The temperature here is still absolutely way too hot, and I believe for a fact that they do not have relaxing air conditioning in the school that our teenagers will be going to, but you would believe that the school system would make it a point to have better air quality inside of their buildings. But it just really seems as if it is never all that high up on their list of priorities. I suppose strange people have strange ideas about what is the most important when you are in school. However, I believe for a fact that our teenagers are not going to be able to pay genuinely much attention if the temperature in the school building is as warm as it was a couple of weeks ago whenever they first got out of school. I wish that school started later on in the year whenever the temperature starts cooling off. But back when I was a kid, both of us started much later in the fall. I don’t believe why they are going to be starting back so early this year, although I don’t prefer it. I am tempted just to homeschool our teenagers this year so that I can be in control of the time that they spend at school and so that I can be in charge of the air quality in the building that they are going to be spending time in. Maybe it would really be worth it.

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