The maple table I ordered was a maple stained oak table.

Almost 6 months ago, I ordered a maple table for our family room, then i couldn’t wait for the furniture maker to complete our table, so I had room for the family to stand down together for Thanksgiving lunch.

I put our order in during the Springtime, hoping the table would be complete by Halloween; When the furniture maker delivered our maple table, I was thrilled.

It was just as charming as I thought it would be. I had several table leaves so I could extend the table to fit up to twelve people, however after they delivered our table, I sat on a chair & admired our new acquisition. I was still sitting there when our spouse got new home from work. He pulled the table apart to make sure the leaves all fit well, & he inspected it from beneath. He had a frown on his face when he got up off the floor. He asked myself and others what kind of wood the table was supposed to be. He was there when all of us ordered maple wood, & he shook his head. He told myself and others it was an oak table with maple stain, & he wasn’t glad. He picked up the PC to call the furniture store, & I reminded him they were closed for the night. I no longer wanted to stand & look at our walnut stained oak table. I was ready to pack it up in the truck & take it back to the table shop, even though I had to wait until afternoon. Although I loved the table, knowing it wasn’t real maple had myself and others no longer wanting it in our house.


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