A fun family night at the skating rink

My family I thought it would be fun to go mini golfing, because we haven’t gone as a family since my girls were all little kids.

Now they are teens and pre-teens and those little kid days seem like a lifetime ago.

Putting 18 holes of goofy fun sounded like a great way to bond and remember the old days. We went to the local skating rink, which also had go carts, laser tag, and two different mini golf courses. They sold ice cream cones, which the kids loved, as well as beer, which my husband and I loved. The golf course was outside, naturally, which meant it had no cooling at all, and this turned into a problem. No climate control made us all hot and sweaty, so we were having less fun, and then there were the bugs! We only played a few holes before giving up and going into the cooling embrace of the skating rink, where we decided to try skating for a while. Skating is not nearly as much fun as golfing, but that sweet A/C made the whole night a lot more enjoyable for all of us. An hour later we were still having fun, and not at all tired because the climate control offset all of our exercise. If only the mini golf course had been indoors, with nice air circulation, AC and a lot fewer bugs, then the night would have been perfect. I guess it would probably cost a lot of money to power AC for something as big as a golf course.



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