The kitchen isn’t sealed and is causing me to lose heat

My wife and I designed a new house last year. We have been working with a contractor for the past couple of years to design our dream home and we were finally able to move in last year. We were so excited to move because it felt like we had been working on the house forever. However, once we moved in we knew that the house was a little draftier than we wanted it to be since we spent so long designing the house. We didn’t understand why one room in particular was much colder than the rest of the house. Our kitchen felt like it was always losing heat even when we had the heating system turned on in the house. I talked with our contractor and he said if might be because his workers didn’t seal the kitchen door and windows properly. So, we came back over to the house to look at the kitchen and figure out what was wrong. Thankfully, he was able to fix the issue rather quickly. I was happy about this because I knew if we kept blasting the heating system that our electric bill would go up a lot. After the contractor fix the issue we are now able to keep the thermostat on a normal temperature without having to worry about heat escaping from the kitchen. I am glad that it wasn’t an issue with our HVAC system because that would have been much more expensive to fix than this.


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