Our Kitchen Was Drafty:

My husband plus I designed a new home last year.

We’ve been working with a contractor for the previous year to design our dream house, plus the two of us were finally able to move everything in last year. We were super gleeful to move in because it felt like the day would never come! However, once the two of us moved into the new home, we noticed it was a little draftier than we were expecting since the two of us spent so long designing the house. My husband and I didn’t understand why there was one room that was much colder than the rest of our house. Our kitchen felt like it was constantly losing heat even when our heating system was on and working. I talked with the contractor and he suggested that it could be a lack of sealing in the kitchen door plus window area. He came back over to our new house to look at the kitchen plus figure out what the issue was. Thankfully, he could fix the issue rather suddenly. My husband and I were blissful about this, because we knew that blasting the heating system would only increase our electric bill! After the contractor fixed the issue, we were able to maintain the temperature without worrying about heat escaping from the kitchen door and windows. My husband and I are blissful that it wasn’t an issue with our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system, because that would’ve been much more luxurious to fix than this.


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