Using a space heater to supplement heating system

I live in a northern part of the country and during the winter months it is miserably cold outside.

I wish that we didn’t have to worry about the snow and cold weather, but it is a really big issue in the area that I live in. Since it is so cold outside, we always have to make sure that our heating system is serviced. I enrolled us in a monthly service plan with a local HVAC company so that we could save money on visits from the HVAC company. However, I am still having issues keeping my house warm enough during the winter. I feel like all the heat is escaping and we can’t ever seem to get warm enough to be comfortable. I talked to the HVAC tech that came out to my house and he gave me a few suggestions on how to make my home warmer. He suggested that we purchase a few space heaters and place them around the house. The HVAC tech said this would be a good way to supplement the heating system without spending a bunch of money on a brand new heating system. After talking with the HVAC tech I went out and bought the space heaters like he recommended and I think they are really helping keep the house warmer! I am so glad that I talked to the HVAC tech when he came over to service our heating system or we would still be freezing cold in our home.

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