I Needed Portable Fans to Keep My House Cool:

I live in the southern part of the country, and the summer months are miserably hot outside.

I wish that I didn’t have to worry about the heat and humidity, but it’s nothing I can fix in this area. Since it gets so hot outside, I need to make sure that my AC system is worked on. I enrolled us in the bimonthly repair plan with my local HVAC supplier so that I can save cash on the frequent visits from the HVAC supplier. However, I’m still having issues with keeping my home cool enough during the summer. I feel like all the cool air is escaping and I can never seem to get cool enough to be comfortable. I talked with my HVAC technician when he was at my house last, and he provided me with a small suggestion on how to make my house cooler. He recommended that I close all the blinds and purchase a few portable fans to place around the house. The HVAC technician said this would be a fabulous way to substitute the AC unit without spending all of my money on a brand air conditioning system. After talking with the HVAC technician, I went to the store and obtained the portable fans that he proposed. I know they’re honestly keeping my house cooler, because I can feel the difference. I’m so ecstatic that I talked with my HVAC technician when he came over to repair my AC unit, or I’d still be hot in my home.

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