Working out in a hot gym

I am in college on an athletic scholarship for college.

Most of my friends growing up are lucky that their parents are able to afford to pay for their schooling, but that was not the case for me.

I work really hard to keep my scholarship too but it’s hard balancing my school work with my basketball schedule. I have practice every single day and I also have to worry about weekly tests too. Sometimes it is overwhelming but I just have to remember that even on the tough days that I am lucky to be able to go to college at all. However, this past week it has been hard to keep this perspective. At practice the air conditioner in the gym wasn’t working and it hadn’t been working for about five days. My coach doesn’t care if the air conditioner is working or not because she will make us practice regardless. I even asked her if someone was going to come out to have the air conditioner fixed, but she didn’t have the answer. So I asked one of the janitors if the college was going to have an HVAC company come out to fix the air conditioner so we didn’t have to practice in the heat, but the janitor didn’t know the answer either. I am starting to get annoyed because I just want to practice in cool air. I hope that in the next few days the air conditioner will be working again.


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