I’m a Fitness Instructor at The Fitness Center

I have the best job as a personal trainer at the local gym. I feel like I can entirely make a difference in people’s lives around here. Almost everyday, I get people coming to me who are desperate. They’re overweight plus have tried all sorts of diet programs that they can’t stick to. So, they end up leaving any gym they’re at. I make it my personal mission to get these people back into shape, motivated and feeling good about exercise. Anytime a new client starts entirely working out it’s awful. They’re sore in new areas plus taking time out of their day to exercise and it all seems terrible. Once they get over that hurdle though, working out is addicting. It’s a good thing to do several times a week, but working on muscle training, cardio, balance plus coordination has more benefits than physical appearance. People who are out of shape can’t catch their body weight and could get seriously injured if they slipped and fell. Overweight people also have higher blood pressure, heart complications along with joint pain! Getting into shape is good for overall health plus safety. My clients also get a social element out of their fitness classes too, because I am a whole group instructor. Everyone has the chance to interact with each other. Some people are new to this town or they have trouble making friends! Periodically, I’ll get senior citizens that are alone in life and want company. It’s good for them to get out plus about with other people with similar mindsets. It’s nice seeing my clients gain more confidence along with happiness in life.


Personal Fitness Trainer