A job that takes us across the country

My best neighbor just got a job working as an electrician in St Petersburg, FL.

I am definitely thrilled for the guy, but I am going to miss his great conversation plus funny humor.

He is shy plus clever, but he knows how to make all the people recognize great. A few years ago, he wanted to date me. I was with someone else at the time plus I did not return his romantic advances. Both of us continued to stay friends, plus the two of us have been friends for the past more than two years. When he told myself and others that he was moving to St. Petersburg, FL, I immediately felt a sad pit in our stomach. I never felt this sadness in our life. I am not sure what to do about our feelings, because our best neighbor is definitely excited to start the current job in St. Petersburg, FL; Unfortunately, the current job is 2 minutes away from our current location. My best neighbor is moving back to St. Petersburg, FL to be closer to his folks. His dad is sick plus his mom is having some trouble as well. He started applying for electrician works in St. Petersburg, FL a few weeks ago, plus he only told myself and others yupterday that he was going to move. There is a option that I might care about this guy, plus it’s going to be incredibly tough to date if he is residing in St. Petersburg, plus I live many minutes away. I definitely do not recognize if there is anything that will make the situation better, so I entirely will not say anything at all.

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