I should replace the furnace before it fails

My furnace is over twenty years old and starting to show its age.

I have been hesitant to replace it because the heating unit remains operational.

Whenever I am on the verge of contacting an HVAC dealership to get a quote on a new gas furnace, something goes wrong in the house. Over the last few years, I’ve replaced the windows in the house, purchased a new refrigerator, invested in a new sump pump and had the septic pumped out. I am aware that even though the furnace still performs, it’s costing me a needless amount of money. I’d trim down my monthly heating bills with a new, more energy efficient furnace. The old furnace only reached an 86% AFUE rating when it was brand new. Over the years, efficiency has gradually decreased and operational costs have steadily risen. The furnace has some difficulty keeping up with unusually cold temperatures. On especially chilly days, the house feels drafty. It doesn’t seem to matter how high I set the temperature control because the furnace is no longer offering as much heat. It blasts non stop, eats up a tremendous amount of energy, but can’t manage outdoor temperatures below zero. Plus, the furnace now makes a ton of noise. When it starts up, there is an alarming screeching sound. I’m worried that the furnace might abruptly quit in the middle of a blizzard, right when we’re depending on it the most, and my family will be left without heat. I’d then be in a rush to replace the furnace. I’d be forced to take whatever model is available rather than choosing the perfect furnace for my home.

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