Our local HVAC company gives away gift cards

This year, one of my friends gave me a gift card for an HVAC company. Of all the dumb gifts that I have ever received, this HVAC gift card definitely takes the prize for the worst gift that I have ever received. I got the HVAC gift card at a white elephant gift exchange, which kind of makes sense. The man who gave me the HVAC gift card was an HVAC technician that worked for a different HVAC company, so it made sense that he didn’t want to keep it. Honestly, the most surprising thing about this whole gift was learning that HVAC companies give out gift cards. I didn’t even know that HVAC companies needed to give out gift cards. Unless someone is going to drop a lot of money on a gift card, I wouldn’t expect the gift card to even put a dent in the bill if I needed to hire an HVAC technician to fix our HVAC units. It would have been more useful if the gift card for the HVAC company would cover an HVAC inspection from the local HVAC technicians. I would be able to make sure that my HVAC units would work the following year. Still, I wonder how many of these HVAC gift cards they sell. Surely, they can’t be very popular if I have never heard of them before. Well, I guess that I know what I am going to give somebody else as a gift next year. I don’t plan to use the HVAC gift card. It would have been better if the HVAC technician that gave it to me would have just offered to fix my HVAC unit once.


a/c worker