The broken HVAC units have everyone on edge

I have never seen my fellow coworkers so cranky about working in their life.

Now everyone has a bad day, and a lot of people have trouble with management or their job, but most of my coworkers are genuinely friendly people that are easy to get along with.

Even will all of the garbage that we have to put up with on a daily basis at our job, we always manage to keep a friendly atmosphere. However, these recent HVAC troubles have put everyone on edge. I had no idea that a few air conditioners could ruin the atmosphere of our company so quickly. Normally, the air conditioners in our company are working well. We have had trouble with our air conditioners before, but the HVAC technicians always manage to work the problems out and get everything working again. However, this summer has been very hot, and the HVAC companies have had to deal with an increase in the number of air conditioner problems in our area. While this means that the HVAC companies will be making more money, it also means that the HVAC technicians that work for the HVAC company have also been busier. Usually, when we have trouble with our air conditioners, we have to only wait a day or two to get our HVAC units working again. However, it has been nearly a week since our air conditioners have stopped working, and we still don’t know when the HVAC technicians will be able to come to fix them. Since our company still needs to make money, all of us have been working without air conditioners, and nobody is happy.

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