Personal trainer assists with recovery from knee injury

I’ve been involved in some form of baseball since I was three-years old.

I just love everything about the sport.

When I turned eight-years-old, I began playing on multiople teams and traveled across the northeastern part of the country for games. In the off-season, I usually went to skill camps to improve my game. My main focus was to earn a scholarship and be good enough to play for one of the top rated universities. At the beginning of my junior year of high school, I fell off the roof of our garage and tore my ACL. I needed to have surgery to repair the damage. This was a big setback in my training. I completed physical therapy and then had trouble getting back into peak condition. I was not successful at achieving a full recovery. My coaches were concentrating on the whole team. I needed more personalized training assistance. I was really worried about losing my chance at a scholarship. I was told there were scouts attending games and offering spots on college teams based on our performance. My parents suggested hiring a personal trainer to workout with me. The trainer we chose specializes in athletes who are attempting to recover from injuries. She knew the proper methods to enhance my baseball related skills, such as speed, strength, range of motion and stamina. Her program implemented a total body wellness strategy. She rearranged everything from how I approach our training sessions to the things I eat throughout the day. She eliminated fast foods, trans fats, soda, coffee and carbohydrates. She built my diet around lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. She increased the time and intensity of my weight training and the level and duration of cardio training. She added in a lot of lunges, squats and jumps to build muscle in my legs and get my knee solid again. In the beginning, I struggled. But I gradually noticed tremendous benefits. Because she also concentrated on flexibility, my range of motion improved. Exercises that target balance and hand-eye coordination also helped with my game.


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