HVAC Technology Cures Cold Feet

Cold feet are the very bane of my existence. Okay, perhaps that is overstating it a bit. But, I really, really hate waking up and having to start my day by putting my warm feet on a cold floor. I live in a part of the country where we have cold weather for at least 6 months of the year. But, even when it isn’t actually winter like cold, the floors are still too cold for me to walk on barefoot. I am not getting carpet because I grew up in a home that had wall to wall orange swirl shag. That left such a deep impression that I will always be a hardwood floor type of gal. I just want to be barefoot for some reason. As weird as it is, I don’t want to schlep around in some ugly bunny slippers. And, I can’t afford to crank the HVAC furnace to a level that would permit barefoot comfort. So, I figured I was resigned to cold feet for the rest of my life. But, not so fast. Our HVAC system is outdated and beginning to fail. We began to do our due diligence with research for our HVAC replacement. What we found was an intriguing solution that will work on so many levels. In a few weeks, installation will begin on our geothermal heating and cooling system. The geothermal unit is incredible. It uses the earth’s near constant temperature to heat and cool our home. There is a long tube which is buried underground. This tube is able to transfer heating and cooling energy to our home. The energy is transmitted through copper tubing underneath our floors. That’s right, underneath the floors. So, I am finally going to have warm floors during the winter!

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