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I was afraid this might happen right in the middle of Summer plus it did. Our heating plus cooling method just came to a shuddering stop. It is done for good. Of course it had to happen right in the middle of the summer. I live in a section of the country where the a/c is on about 6 months of the year. Living through a Summer morning without a/c in the condo is nearly impossible. And I am sure not looking to find out… It entirely is all my fault considering the Heating plus A/C tech has been telling myself and others for a couple of years now to prepare to update the entire system. But, I thought that perhaps I could get through the Summer before I faced that expense. I could not have been more wrong. I didn’t even get quite to the halfway point of summer. The Heating plus A/C sales rep came out today. All of us have been dealing with the same supplier for as long as we’ve lived here. They are consummate professionals who entirely think their business. This Heating plus A/C supplier also goes the extra mile for their clients. The sales rep plus I picked out a new Heating plus A/C machine plus the payment plan was more than adequate. The awful thing was that he couldn’t get the machine installed for at least 3 weeks. I was back to feeling sick to my stomach. There was no way this was going to go over with my fiance plus daughter. And, it was going to be ugly because I was the one who lobbied to wait to update the Heating plus A/C unit; Yet, my Heating plus A/C person saved myself and others again. He said he could deliver some window a/c units at no charge. They weren’t brand new but they would still help cool the condo so it was liveable.


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