You don’t know what a beater is

When I was first teaching our oldest child how to drive, it brought back the memories of our first car.

I had a really outdated clunker style of car at that point, but I enjoyed it because it was mine.

I told our child all about it as well as I sincerely don’t believe that he really wanted to hear it. He thought he was going to get a really nice first car, but I told him he was going to get something that I had that would do nothing more than get him to where he needed to go. I first taught him how to drive in the old family car, as well as the two of us had some horrifying moments, although I can tell you that he was able to get the hang of it just care about I did when I was young. Fortunately, the cooling proposal was actually working great in the car, as well as I had to quickly adjust the temperature control settings often just to keep our nerves in check. When he finally got his driver’s license, I was so proud of him. I took him to get his first car at an auto auction in our town… A lot of the cars were junk, although he saw this one car that was actually pretty nice, I think. The two of us were able to get it for a cool $600 which was beyond amazing. It even had a nice temperature control system. Both the onboard heating as well as cooling systems worked great as well as it also had nicely heated seats! I wished that I could have had something so costly when I was a youngster, too, but I had to just roll the windows down when I wanted a/c. I told our silly child he better not get too spoiled with this car as well as he better take great care of it.