Helping to clean a garage full of junk

I am a good woman who enjoys to help people when I am able to with various things.

When my neighbor came to me & asked if I could help her clear out her garage of a bunch of aged junk, I agreed.

So, the morning to do it came & here I was helping my neighbor clear out this garage of her aged junk. While going through everything in there, the two of us ended up finding a few perfectly working Heating plus A/C devices. Both of us found a portable space heater, & a perfectly good window air conditioner device! I asked her why both the portable space furnace & the window air conditioner device were just thrown into the garage if they were good as new. She basically told me that she had purchased the portable space heater, & that it was not good enough to heat her household the way she needed. So, rather than bring it back to the store, she figured he’d store it away & maybe it could come in use to her or a neighbor eventually. She said the window air conditioner device was not genuinely hers originally, but it was given to her by someone she knew that had a spare one! My neighbor stated that she has kept that window air conditioner device around in the event that the Heating plus A/C device may go out on her, & not being able to get a Heating plus A/C specialist out in a reasonable time frame. I thought this all made perfect sense. I then asked her if I could have the space heater. With a smile she happily agreed, & gave me that aged but good as new portable space furnace as a way of saying thank you for the help!


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