Two women in their 50s-both different

The difference in my mother and my mother in law is shocking.

Both women are in their 50s but they look over a decade apart. With my family, fitness is a priority. My mother works out six days a week. Two of those days she takes a fitness class led by a personal trainer. The other days she either jumps rope for a solid hour, rides her bike over seven miles or does sprints at the soccer field. Frequently my mother is mistaken for my sister. She eats extremely clean as well. She is a vegetarian that hardly eats any sugar, butter or carbs. My mother also goes to the dentist religiously, uses natural skin products and leads a stress free lifestyle. My mother in law doesn’t work out at all. I don’t think she has ever jogged or lifted a free weight before. She is very overweight and eats junk food constantly. Also, she smokes and drinks beer. I have noticed her skin looks wrinkled and haggard with her stressful lifestyle and bad habits. Since she doesn’t work out, she has physical limitations. When my mother in law comes to visit she has a hard time going up and down my stairs. I can’t really let her help in the kitchen because of all the bending and lifting. She also has trouble standing for long periods of time. It is just shocking to me how different of lives these two women lead. I can’t imagine being okay with not doing a lot of things because my health is so bad.


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