Smart thermostat and no internet

I bought myself a smart thermostat and that was one of the dumbest purchases I ever made.

It is not the fault of the thermostat, it is my internet.

The thermostat runs on WIFI, however you download the app and run the thermostat from your cellphone, iPad or tablet with WIFI fastenion. The thermostat then can do all sorts of amazing things. It learns a yearly heating and air program. Set the thermostat by making adjustments as you go. The thermostat learns what time, day and temperature you like. It even will scan when you are there and turn on or do the opposite when you leave. The best function is that the thermostat can be run from anywhere with WIFI. So while I am at work, in the vehicle or on getaway, I can alter the heating and cooling settings. I never have to come lake apartment to a chilly house. That is all the good things I should get with my smart thermostat. Well, I do end up coming lake apartment to a tepid or chilly house. The reason is that my internet is spotty at best. So the thermostat then is not fastened to WIFI and therefore not running. It forgets my yearly Heating, Ventilation, and A/C program and hardly alerts myself and others about inferior un-even temperatures. Basically I can use my thermostat when I am at work. The place of employment WIFI is way more reliable. I can set the temperature and hope it does not get messed up when I get home. On the weekends I just manually adjust it savor it is a normal dial thermostat.

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