I had to pay a small fortune after my mistake of not hiring an HVAC worker

Instead of paying the complete price and having a professional do the work, I decided to be cheap and hired the acquaintance of a friend… Guess how that worked out for me? My bottom line totally dropped, because instead of saving me cash, it wound up costing me way more than the business originally asked for. The guy’s name was Tom, and I knew him from around the way, although he was good friends with my pal Mike. Mike told myself and others that Tom was studying to become a Heating and A/C machine worker, and would really take a look at my HVAC machine for me, because he knew it was acting up. I can say with all confidence that it could not have been much worse, and Tom legitimately did extensive manglement to our seasoned Heating and A/C machine. To make it worse, after he broke everything he just left without saying a word, so I didn’t even know he had made the A/C machine situation worse until about an hour later. I had to go ahead and call in a Heating and A/C tech, but I had to look for a single one that provided a free cost estimate first. When the Heating and A/C tech got there he gave me a very harsh look, and asked myself and others if I had done all this manglement myself. I explained that no, my acquaintance had done that, and the Heating and A/C tech told myself and others I should sue the guy in a jiffy! The tech explained what the underlying drawback for the a/c was, and then explained all the extra manglement that Tom had done. When I see Tom, remind me to smack him.

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