The HVAC is ruining my curb appeal

It would make it look better, but not great

My husband and I really focus on curb appeal with our house. I recently got the exterior painted and it made the whole place look so fresh. I stained the wood deck, added new furniture and big pots with flowers in it. My husband helped remove the shrubs in front and thin the trees. Our lawn is meticulously cared for and looks professionally done. The one thing I don’t like is our outdoor unit with our heat pump sitting on the side of the house and is visible from the road. It is a big, grey box that really draws the eye. I choose to paint our house grey/blue and the HVAC really pops because of that unfortunately. I have looked to see if there are decoratie covers you can put over the HVAC to match a house. There are none sadly. Why not too? I feel like that is a smart business idea. There isn’t even a special paint that would work on the heating and cooling system. The best thing I found is that you can put a white gate around the HVAC. It is like putting the unit in a prison though. It would make it look better, but not great. Also, I am worried that boxing in the HVAC would make heat pump repair and service more difficult on our HVAC professionals. I really don’t want him to do a half job because I have a fancy gate I don’t really like. I might need to put something in front of the HVAC.

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