The issue was the thermostat had dead batteries

Recently my cooling system wasn’t blowing out any air.

I checked the thermostat and the screen was totally blank.

I figured something major was wrong with my unit if the thermostat didn’t even work. I changed the air filter, mucked out the condensate drain and cleaned the cooling coil. When the thermostat didn’t come back to life and the AC didn’t seem better, I called the local HVAC business. It took them a few days to get to me since I was in peak AC repair season. I couldn’t tell the HVAC contractor what exactly was wrong so he just had to guess what tools to bring. Those days leading up to the AC repair were brutal. The summer season in my area gets to be in the 80s-90s everyday. Having no AC was rough, especially at night. Box and ceiling fans only do so much you know? By the time the AC contractor was at my house I was more than ready to pay for the repair. The guy then informed me the issue was the thermostat. My air conditioning was totally fine. The thermostat just needed new batteries. He happened to have a spare set on hand and got it working. He then lowered my temperature and my AC while on like nothing. So I had to pay the guy for his time and his batteries. I also waited days when I could have just got batteries from the pharmacy downtown. I now know to check the thermostat first when something goes amiss.


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