Buying a geothermal heat pump with our wedding money

When my husband and I got married we got a bunch of money.

We didn’t have a big wedding so there were virtually no expenses for us to cover.

The extra money we weren’t sure what to do with. We toyed around with taking a trip, buying something lavish or just getting some new clothing. After coming up with different ideas we eventually choose something super boring. Our HVAC device was very outdated and about to die. It made loud noises, wasn’t energy smart or modern at all. My husband and I didn’t want to pay to replace it. It made sense to use our wedding money and just get a new unit. Since we had the money the two of us actually settled on a geothermal heat pump. It is one of the more energy efficient options out there. It takes an outdoor unit and buries it underground in a loop. The loop system that feeds heated air to the indoor air handler inside the house. Think about it, the ground temperature is much warmer in the winter time than the air. It is also cooler underground in the summer. My husband and I get cleaner and more efficient air pumped into our home. Our energy bills are so much lower with this system and we have HVAC zone control. Since it was our wedding money too, it was like getting a geothermal heat pump for free. If you think about it, all our other ideas would have been fleeting bits of fun. That heat pump is going to last us years.


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