Sunroom is actually connected to central AC – needs ducts cleaned

When I first was looking for a home, one of the top things on my list was finding a place that had really awesome outdoor spaces to spend time in. I enjoy working somewhere that I can see nature. I like to hear birds while I’m doing mundane tasks. I like to look up and see the trees and leaves blowing in the breeze. What I don’t like to do, is to bake in the sun. This is exactly the situation that I was presented with after I had purchased my home. I bought the house because it had a really cool sunroom attached to the rear. I knew that I would get a lot of use out of this Four Seasons room, because it was so immersed in the deep woods behind my house. What a beautiful place to work. Except, it’s not so great when the afternoon sun is pounding down on the structure, bringing in tons of radiant heat. I realized pretty quickly that there were only certain hours I could work in this room if I didn’t want to sweat to death. By about 11 a.m. everyday the temperature was climbing towards 95 degrees outside, and the temperature was easily reaching 100 inside. There was an overhead fan in the space, but it didn’t do much except to blow the hot and humid air around. I really wanted to get an AC unit to help fix things, but a window unit wouldn’t fit in the space. I called out my local HVAC technician and ask him what I could possibly do to make this room more usable year-round. He looks up in a corner inquisitively, and asked if I knew what that air vent was. I had no idea. He started digging around in the air ducts and pretty quickly realized that it was somehow connected to the sun room. The room was just blocked off. He thought that this measure was to improve airflow in the rest of the house. Once the air ducts were cleared, cool fresh air started flowing into my sunroom. What a cheap fix.



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