Good thing garage has HVAC – not more squirrels

It’s really the small things in life that get you excited when you’re an adult.

At least, that’s been my experience.

I don’t get really excited when vacations are coming up, because I start to think about all of this stress of traveling. I have a hard time getting stoked about the holidays, because the financial burden starts to weigh on me. Often times I can’t even get excited about my own birthday, because the pressure is getting older is too much to handle. Really, it’s the small day-to-day things that start to get you stoked after your past the age of 25. Recently, I got the most excited when I realized that our garage had the capability to connect our central heating and cooling system. I know, sad isn’t it? We had our trusted HVAC company out on the site doing their routine Heating and Cooling service for the year. As long as they were at our house, I brought them out to the garage and asked about the possibility of adding in a mini split ductless heating and cooling system to help to manage the air conditions where we stored a lot of our precious stuff. The HVAC techs started to tell me about the mini split ductless heating and cooling systems, but then he stopped. He looked around and pointed out an air vent that was hidden in the corner. Doesn’t that go to your air ducts? I honestly had no idea. We started poking around in the air vent and pretty soon figured out that it was jam-packed full of a squirrel nest. After we had pulled out the old debris, there was cool air quickly coming down the air duct. The HVAC had been attached to the garage all along, we just had no idea thanks to a rodent infestation.I guess that explains all the random nuts we kept finding.

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