My father ruined the cookout because we had no air conditioner

My father is such a procrastinator.

I told him that he needed to have everything ready and perfect for the cookout that he was planning outside.

Normally, when you have a cookout, you have a lot of fun outside. But this day was supposed to bring scattered showers, so my father was supposed to make sure that everything could be moved indoors. A week ago, when he told me that his air conditioner wasn’t working, I was concerned. He had a central air conditioner, which meant that he didn’t need to go to the store and purchase a new air conditioner. He was going to have to call an HVAC technician and get his air conditioner put on the schedule before the cookout. I warned him to call the HVAC technician. This HVAC company could be busy, so he had to make sure that he had enough time for his air conditioner to be fixed before the cookout. He told me not to worry about it, and I tried not to. However, each day when I asked if he had called the HVAC technician, he told me that he would get around to it. Well, two days before the cookout, he called the HVAC company, and they told him that they couldn’t fix his air conditioner until next week. If he had called them earlier, they might have been able to fix his air conditioner, but there was no way that they were going to be able to fix it on short notice. Now, we are all stuck in the house with the warm stovetop and no air conditioner. And we are also the only ones here. Everyone else left when they realized there was no air conditioner.


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