My AC System works harder when I run my dryer

It forces my air handler to run on longer cycles in order to reach the same temperatures

I’ve been told that I do more loads of laundry than normal people. My friends were all shocked when I nonchalantly told them how much laundry I do on a weekly basis. Usually, I do a load of laundry at least every other day. As a person who lives completely alone, I apparently do more loads of laundry than a normal person. I enjoy having clean sheets to sleep on, even though I shower each night before climbing into bed. Plus, I enjoy having clean clothing lying around because it’s the middle of Summer and I’m constantly sweating. However, that’s where I run into problems. Since it’s so warm during the summer months here, I’m forced to run my air conditioning system daily. I could run it constantly, all morning long and it still wouldn’t be enough to keep my home cool enough. If I’m doing a lot of laundry, this means I’m also running my dryer consistently. Not only does the heat made by the dryer immediately affect the temperature of my house, however it also makes my air conditioning system work harder because it’s on the opposite of a small wall from the clothes dryer. It forces my air handler to run on longer cycles in order to reach the same temperatures. It concerns me because I wonder how much this directly affects the long term durability of my air conditioning system, let alone the decrease in indoor air pollen levels.

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