I am pretty sure that my dad can fix everything

My dad is literally the coolest guy that I know.

He is probably able to fix anything that breaks in our house.

Thankfully for him, our house is constantly having trouble. Our HVAC units are definitely not working as well as they should be. When our furnace and our air conditioners topped working at first, I wasn’t very worried. Granted, my dad had no experience working on HVAC units in his life, but he was competent enough to figure it out. The first day that our furnace broke down, my mom was completely panicked. She knew that we couldn’t afford to pay an HVAC technician to fix our furnace, and she was afraid that we would have to survive without a heating system for a few weeks until we could afford to call an HVAC company. However, my dad decided that no matter what happened, he would figure out how to fix the furnace to keep us warm. Since then, my dad has always been the one who fixed our furnace and our air conditioners. My dad has extensively researched our specific model of HVAC units, and now, he has a ton of extra parts. We have never called an HVAC company, and we don’t ever plan to. After seeing that, I decided that my dad would be able to be an HVAC technician if he wanted to be. He could be anything that he set his mind on. I hope that when I grow up, I can be just like him in this area. I would love to be able to fix my own HVAC units.

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