I need a new furnace, but I have no way to afford it

I need a new furnace.

I know that a lot of people could use a newer and better furnace, but I absolutely need a new furnace.

My furnace doesn’t work, and there is no way that an HVAC technician will be able to fix it. When my furnace died, the first thing that I did was call an HVAC technician to have him fix it. The HVAC technician arrived at my house, and he wasted no time taking my furnace apart to try to figure out what was wrong with it. After 30 minutes, the HVAC technician approached me and told me that he figured out what was wrong with the furnace. Sadly, he did some research, and the company that made this furnace is no longer operating, and there is no way to get the part for this furnace without paying an outrageous amount of money and waiting for a long time to get the part. Instead, he recommended that I purchase a new furnace that will last a long time for me and my family. I asked him what furnace he would recommend for our home, and he gave me a few links on my phone for the furnaces that I could choose from. I couldn’t believe how much money those furnaces cost. I don’t make enough money to purchase a furnace outright, and I really don’t want to take out a loan. I have started working on an extra job so that I will be able to purchase a furnace soon. Time is running out, and I need to have a running furnace before this coming winter.



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