They just live here for free.

I have never been afraid of much of anything, even ghosts.

When I started working at this local hotel, I didn’t pay anything attention to people when they told me it was haunted.

I figured it was just an urban legend. It wasn’t until I saw the furniture moving for myself, that I knew something strange was going on. I had just finished cleaning one room and I had the air conditioning turned to a point where it wasn’t running all the time. It was a bit warm in the room, but I knew our next guest would adjust the thermostat to their own particular liking. I wasn’t even out of the room when I heard the air conditioning running. I walked back to the thermostat to see that it had been turned down to sixty-eight from the seventy-five I had it set to. I turned it back up, and walked away. Sure enough, the air conditioning began to run again. I looked over toward the thermostat and I politely asked that whoever was playing with the thermostat, I would appreciate it if they would leave it alone. I told them that our paying guests would like to set the thermostat for their own personal comfort. I have heard some of our guests complaining about how the thermostat resets. Lately, if I hear any complains about the thermostat, or the furniture being moved, I go into those rooms. I ask the ghosts to please not bother our guests. If it weren’t for the guests, we wouldn’t have a hotel here for them to live in. I know this is their home, but they need to have some respect for the living guests who come to visit.