I should have made it a UV air purifier.

I don’t think anyone is enjoying sitting in their homes right now.

  • When given a choice, most people would not prefer to be locked in their homes and unable to go out.

Most businesses are closed, which means I had no reason to go out, even if I could. I did find out that my favorite pizza joint was still open, but only for take-out. They had what they called hands-free delivery. They took payment over the phone. When the delivery person got to my house, he would ring the doorbell and leave before I could come out. I have been sitting in my house for over a month now. I have the air conditioning to keep me comfortable and the pizza to keep me from starving. I do nothing but eat pizza, and watch television. Lately, I have been giving some thoughts to my air conditioning unit. I had it cleaned before we started all of this, but now I am wishing I had the UV air purifier installed at the same time. I heard that a UV air purifier is able to help keep viruses out of the breathing air. I don’t think there is anything wrong with my air quality, but I wouldn’t mind knowing it was free of viruses. If I can keep coronavirus out of my house, maybe I’ll stay unscathed. I do have a HEPA air filter in my air conditioner unit, which is a good way to keep the air clean. I just think the UV air purifier would be an even better way to get through this new pandemic.


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