My spoiled little dogs

I will be the number one person to admit that I spoil our silly dogs rotten, however it’s gotten to the point where they don’t even want to go outside because they are so spoiled, but despite the fact that the temperature around here rarely gets too hot, our dogs seem to think that they have to be inside in the a/c at all hours of the day.

I have to force them out to exercise or to go on walks, in addition to they act enjoy they are just going to die if I leave them in the backyard for any length of time at all.

I usually had a feeling that critters wanted to be outdoors, but evidently that doesn’t mean spoiled dogs enjoy mine. I have never seen any animal act the way that these multiple do these afternoons, yesterday, the outside temperatures were in the mid to low eighties, and you would think that I was asking the dogs to walk through a fire instead of more or less taking them out to play in the yard, since it was entirely heating up outside, I had switched the temperature on the thermostat down more than normal, and the silly dogs were having a good time. They just lolled around all afternoon by the a/c vents, however and so when it was time for them to go outside, they rolled over onto their backs and later I had to drag them outside… Once both of us got out into the sunshine in addition to the high temperatures in addition to sunshine, they both ran and cried at the door until I opened it back up for them. Then they ran straight to the kitchen to collapse in the floor in front of the a/c vents.

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