The witness exposed the real cause of the fire

My parents noticed that, unlike other children, I would pay more attention to the details of things than the actual object or scenario when I was growing up. When I grew up, I decided to pursue forensics as a career, which I thoroughly liked! In my employment, no day was the same as the previous one, and I felt proud that I was helping to make the world a better place by incarcerating criminals. I recall working on a case involving a burned-down apartment in which police enforcement suspected that an arsonist was responsible for the fire. The only witness was a heating vendor who worked as the town’s local supplier. According to the witness, heating servicemen were called to the condo to run a quality furnace/heater tune-up on the electric furnace, which included the electric heat pump and the radiant floor heating on the first floor of the house. The client complained about the decreased interior comfort, and the digital thermostat had also begun to malfunction. The tech crew arrived at the unit and was shown where the system was. They began by doing a thorough inspection of the central furnace, after which they identified the areas that required furnace/heater repair. As they replaced the worn-out pieces of the unit, they must have nicked a wire, causing a spark, and the brand-new home heating system began to burn. It appears that the customer did not follow the energy-saving recommendations made by the specialists. When the customer was installing the zone control, she forgot to mention a problem with the temperature control, which resulted in the fire. It was then revealed that she wanted the insurance settlement.

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