It was so exciting to win a vacation stay at a smart home

My husband and I went to the fair not too long ago. It was a very breezy day and the sun was shining quite brightly. It was the most suitable day for an outdoor event. My husband and I had not planned to go to the fair that actual year, but the weather on that day seemed like a wonderful day for the fair. My husband and I enjoyed some of our number one foods such as sizzling sausages, snacks, caramel apples, and funnel cakes. Both of us played some fun games and even won a large stuffed critter that looked like a mouse. While both of us were there, my husband filled out an entry form to win a weekend stay at a vacation dwelling on the beach. The vacation house was a locale set up by an energy management service. The energy management service featured the vacation dwelling as a Smart House. The smart house includes a temperature control system for the heat and the cooling system, lighting controls, security features, and voice-activated system control. The smart dwelling is supposed to make people have the desire to contact the supplier to set up an appointment for an energy management service in their dwelling. I thought it was a complete joke and I did not want my husband to fill out an entry form at all. I thought they would call our dwelling every day for weeks. When the supplier eventually contacted my husband, I did not expect he was going to be the actual winner. I was seriously surprised when I found out that both of us were the winners of the weekend stay at the vacation beach dwelling.


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