Why I go to the gym

Every journey begins with a single step.

  • I hate that expression because I have to hear it so often.

It is the motto at the gym I attend, and they even have a sign that says that inside the front entryway. I understand the principle of it, because fitness is a long commitment, and it is easy to get discouraged and quit when there is no end in sight. I will let you in on my personal philosophy – yes, every journey begins with a single step, but every step is the first step. At least that is how it feels when I walk into the gym, every single time it feels like I am starting over from the beginning again. I do not use a personal trainer, and perhaps I should start, but I prefer to do things on my own. I like walking into the gym and taking a look around to decide what I want to target that day. I will admit there are days where I look around the gym and don’t want to do any of it! On those days I will go for a swim, and then hang out in the sauna for an hour to detoxify. What I don’t do is put pressure on myself, because that is the one sure way to get burned out on going to the gym. I don’t want a personal trainer, because I know this is a long journey, and I want to navigate it on my own. That said, I do need to keep going to the gym itself, because there is no other way to get a proper workout.

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