I love being able to sleep in on Mondays

I am genuinely a beach bum at my heart that loves to spend my time near the water for many years.

I first saw ocean power when I was up north.

The people I was with plus myself went to the coast and saw the waves. It was quite magical to see the waves and then I grew up on a lake. It had unquestionably small waves. I genuinely remember looking to the C+ believing it would go forever which was very amazing to me. I have been enjoy with the water since then. I work at a local corporation that sells surfing gear plus shorts to local people plus I actually enjoy the job. I work there section time plus have another section time job in the heating, ventilation plus AC industry. I really have a great life on the coast in this very small town that feels much like the West Coast with surfers, skateboarders, plus many different locals. I simply want to live enjoy the people did before everything was expensive Plus complicated. Dwell at the heating plus cooling supplier about 15 minutes a month just helping to answer cell phone calls. Occasionally I will have a service call with a heating, ventilation plus AC technicians. It’s a good job plus it pays decent plus I easily intend to toil there as long as I can. These section time jobs allow me the genuine freedom to have my schedule whatever I want. That means I can go directly to the beach plus have late evenings of fun while I still end up getting plenty of sleep for work.

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