I always feel more comfortable at home

Today is Tuesday plus I have gotten a late start because I slept until almost noon.

  • I absolutely have quite an easy type of day ahead as I really did my chores the last day plus ran all of the errands that were necessary.

I have a couple of friends that are coming tomorrow and they’re going to stay with me in my flat for the next two weeks. I have really cleared all of the things plus I cleaned and am feeling quite ready for my friends. My single buddy asked if there was an air conditioner in my flat. She is coming from south where the weather has been completely tethered in addition to warm. I told my friend not to worry because the flat is usually ice cold many of the days. I enjoy being able to keep my own smart thermostat at a low temperature during the night so it is cool plus comfortable while all of ours are trying to sleep. I did not believe my friend would have any issues at all sleeping in my flat and I told the guy that we could buy a small fan at a local Corporation if it was still too boiling at night. I have a fan that is next to my bed as well. It does not cool me down as much as it blocks out the sound. There is a bar located behind my flat plus there are always a lot of noises that come from the bar. When I have the fan running it seems to drown out the sound.

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