My Parents Invested in A Space Heater:

My parents live up north, where the winter weeks are miserably cold.

I wish they didn’t have to stress about the snow plus freezing weather, however it’s where they want to live.

Since it’s freezing outside, my parents regularly have to make sure that their heating method is maintained. They enrolled themselves in an automatic service system with their local Heating plus A/C supplier, so they can save a little money on their Heating and A/C work. However, they’re still having concerns with keeping their home warm enough during the winter season. They believe a lot of the heat is escaping, because their furnace never seems to warm the house well enough. My dad talked to the Heating plus A/C professional that came out to their house and he gave my parents a few suggestions on how to add extra heat. The HVAC professional suggested that they purchase portable space heaters and place them around their house. The Heating plus A/C professional said this would be the best way to supplement the heating method without spending all their money on a brand new heating system. After discussing things with the Heating plus A/C professional, they went out and bought a portable space heater like he advocated. My parents say that it’s legitimately warming the house better! I am so thrilled that they talked to the Heating plus A/C professional when he came over to service their heating method, because the weather is cold up there!
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