Dual fuel systems are the energy smart choice

I have been looking into dual fuel systems for my home.

First, I want to have the energy efficiency that a heat pump offers.

A heat pump transfers the heated air from the outside to the inside or vice versa depending on the weather. For a cooling effect it pumps the air through refrigerant. You are using the outdoor air which means your indoor air quality is cleaner and it is more energy smart. However, since the heat pump requires heat energy in order to operate, if you live where it gets super cold, then you are out of luck. Below forty degrees and the heat pump can’t provide the heating effect. That is why more and more people are looking at dual fuel systems. This combines a heat pump with a gas furnace. For most of the year the heat pump is the main operator. You use the heat pump for AC and the majority of heat. On those especially cold winter days, the gas furnace is then tagged in. The homeowner doesn’t have to do anything either. The machine automatically changes from electric to gas. It also attempts to stick with the heat pump as long as possible to be energy efficient. The home never goes without proper heating however. It is all in one single unit and looks sleek, modern and high tech. You do pay quite a bit to have this system and when the furnace operates, you do lose a little money. Overall it is much smarter financially to do a dual fuel system over buying a separate furnace and central air conditioner.